Chris Partridge

Hello! I'm Chris, a third year Computing Security major at RIT. I'm extremely passionate about making the world a more secure place. Ultimately, I want to make it easier for people to make security-conscious decisions through a combination of education and code: by enriching security knowledge and securing the technologies that power everyone's daily lives.

I'm currently working on several projects in addition to completing my coursework for the semester. The two classes I'm having the most fun in are Cyber Defense Techniques - for which my team is recreating a mockup of North Korean public infrastructure for a class CTF (based on leaked DNS AXFRs, web cloning, Red Star 3 Home/Server, and nmap scans of their IP space) - and Network Security & Forensics. This level of fun really shouldn't be legal.

I finished my first internship at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in their Information Security Department and I am currently looking for a second internship over the summer. My resume is available here if you are interested in hiring me. Please do not hesitate to contact me through email or LinkedIn if you think your position would be a good fit!

Security 90%
Programming 85%
Public Speaking 90%
Caffeine 100%


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My Work

Personal Datacenter

All services are contained within seperate highly-available VMs. Critical data is replicated to long term storage over secure channels. I get Slack notifications whenever errors occur.

Bitcoin Market Prediction

My largest project. It has gone through several iterations, at its peak processing over 200,000,000 data points (using several servers) to make every decision.

Assorted Websites

HTTPS from you to CloudFlare, and from CloudFlare to my datacenter. Security, performance, and usability are my top priorities for all of my websites.