Howdy - again! I’m Chris, a basement-dweller eboy cybersecurity fella on the internet. At the moment, I work with businesses to help build or expand security practices, particularly around software engineering.

I try to be a jack-of-all-trades in my work to develop a more holistic view of the cybersecurity landscape. Despite the InfoSec Bingo-ness, much of the work I do revolves around security visibility and accessibility, which I stand by as core tenets of effective software security. You can find some examples of my personal technical research here, and some other work that I’m doing with some friends under a cybersecurity research entity, Machines Never Sleep, LLC.

I also play a smidge of D&D and love cooking for myself & others. Maybe I’ll start a food blog too. Anything is possible!


You can send me an email at, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter @_tweedge for more shenanigans!

What is “tweedge”?

The moniker I use came from a close friend. Chris “Partridge” became “Partweedge” - the “ee” sound mostly from howling it in laughter - and then eventually just “‘tweedge.” It stuck for years, and I’m happy to have it be my handle these days.