Howdy, I'm Chris Partridge, a Security Engineer. I do cybersecurity things with a focus on effective software security and internet-scale research.

Also, sometimes I write stuff.

My Experience Breaking into Product Security
Cybersecurity is massive, and answers about "should I get certifications" or "should I get a degree" are not as one-size-fits-all as they may initially seem. So, I wrote up a ton of details and context about my first role, how I got into that role, and general advice I have for people looking into Product Security or cybersecurity as a whole. Read more

rockyou2021.txt - A Short Summary (Download Included)
Thanks to an anonymous Redditor, I obtained a copy of rockyou2021.txt. It's easily the largest wordlist I have - but size isn't everything, and in rockyou2021.txt's case I think it's a detriment overall. You can download rockyou2021.txt here for your own research and projects. Read more

Help for Users Impacted by Infected Extensions
If 'User-Agent Switcher', 'Nano Adblocker', or 'Nano Defender' sound familiar to you, I might have some bad news. A malware operator I am investigating has escalated their operations and infected 350k+ users; here's what happened and what to do if you were one of them. Read more

A Believable Attack Using EIP Cards
Turns out it would cost you between $1 and $1.50 in materials to pull off an EIP Card scam, plus procurement and assembly - the rapport you get from doing this is easily more valuable, and could be a viable attack in the real-world. Read more